Myths and Misconceptions: Selling Your Home to Transition into Long-Term Care with Ben Rao

Selling a family home to transition into long term care can be a difficult and emotional decision for many families. Often, these transitions happen suddenly after a health emergency, such as a fall or a change in cognitive abilities, leaving families with little time to make decisions and understand their options. As a result, many families turn to the equity in their home as a solution to pay for long term care.

However, this decision can be fraught with challenges. The family home is often filled with lifetime memories and sentimental items, making the thought of letting go of it overwhelming. Additionally, adult children who are often spread out across the country may not have a full understanding of the options and costs involved in long term care, leading to potential mistakes in decision making.

It’s important for families to have conversations about long term care plans before a crisis occurs. This can help alleviate the stress and uncertainty when a transition is necessary. Understanding all of the options, including the potential drawbacks and challenges, can help families make the best decision for their loved one and their family.

At Mom’s House, we understand the difficulties and emotional challenges involved in transitioning into long term care. Our mission is to alleviate the financial and emotional struggles that families face during this difficult time. Our founder, Ben Rao, is the bestselling author of “Paying for Long Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care” and a senior living advocate featured on CBS, NBC, and Fox. Contact us to learn more about your options and how we can help you and your family through this transition.

Join Kosta and his guest: Ben Rao, Co-Founder of Mom’s House, Best-Selling Author of Paying for Long-Term Care: The Essential Guide to Understanding and Funding Senior Care and Senior Living Industry Advocate.

Featured everywhere from CBS, NBC and Fox, Ben’s primary mission is to alleviate the emotional and financial struggle that families face when unexpectedly confronted with the reality of transitioning into senior care.

Today we’re talking about the Myths and Misconceptions About Selling Your Home to Transition into Long-Term Care.

In this episode: Mom’s House, how it works, and how it’s reinventing the long-term care transition process, how the long-term care industry will evolve in the next decade and how a potential housing recession will impact seniors transitioning into long-term care.

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