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In this episode of “Now or Never Long-Term Care Strategy,” host Kosta Yepifantsev is joined by Jason Neufeld, an elder law attorney and partner at Elder Needs Law. They discuss why everyone should consider working with an elder law attorney, especially as they approach retirement age. According to Neufeld, elder law is an umbrella term […]

Why You Need an Elder Law Attorney with Jason Neufeld

December 12, 2022

In this episode of the Now or Never Long-Term Care Strategy with Kosta Yepifantsev, Kosta Yepifantsev is joined by long term care specialist Bill Comfort. Kosta and Bill discuss the various ways that the average American can pay for long term care, and how to rank those options. One of the most common ways that […]

How You’ll Pay for Long-Term Care with Bill Comfort

December 11, 2022