Caring for Each Other with Buffy Key

In our latest episode, Kosta sits down for a heart-to-heart with Buffy Key, the dynamic CEO of Cookeville Regional Medical Center and the newest member of the Tennessee Medical Laboratory Board. Buffy’s inspiring journey from a medical laboratory scientist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center to the top echelons of healthcare leadership is nothing short of remarkable. As we stroll down memory lane, Buffy opens up about her emotions when the board of trustees unanimously picked her for the CEO role and how her varied roles over the years have enriched her outlook on healthcare operations.

Buffy’s insights don’t stop at personal experiences. In a landscape where many hospitals are becoming profit-driven, Cookeville Regional’s ethos as a city-owned hospital emerges as a beacon of hope. Buffy eloquently dives into the challenges of running a city-owned hospital like CRMC, especially during the tumultuous times of the COVID pandemic. She sheds light on her vision for maintaining the hospital’s legacy of self-sustainability and fiscal responsibility, while constantly enhancing patient care.

As the conversation unfurls, Buffy pivots to a broader perspective, discussing the indispensable role CRMC plays in the local economy and how she envisions amplifying its positive impact. She also offers a roadmap for a healthier Upper Cumberland, providing actionable advice based on comprehensive data. To round off our enlightening chat, Buffy shares a touching note about the individuals who inspire her and elevate her spirit. Join us for this candid conversation that seamlessly blends professional insights with personal reflections.

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