Study and Be Somebody with Marc Burnett

Marc Burnett
Podcast Episode for Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev (Cookeville Podcast)

In our latest episode, Kosta sits down for a candid conversation with Marc Burnett, the current Director of Development at Mustard Seed Ranch and Former Vice President of Student Affairs at Tennessee Tech. Marc’s compelling journey from an undergraduate student in English Journalism to a key figure in education and community development is truly inspiring. As we delve into his past, Marc reflects on his mother’s wisdom that guided him to Tennessee Tech and how his various roles have shaped his perspective on education and community service.

In a world where many are questioning the value of higher education, Marc’s work at Tennessee Tech and now at Mustard Seed Ranch stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and community. He discusses the intricacies of transitioning into retirement and his new role, especially during these uncertain times. Marc also shares his vision for Mustard Seed Ranch, a community-supported, interdenominational Christian ministry, emphasizing the importance of hands-on involvement.

Marc provides actionable advice for those looking to make a difference, based on his years of experience in promoting inclusivity, equity, and fellowship. To cap off our enlightening discussion, Marc pays a heartfelt tribute to his family, particularly his wife and mother, who have been his pillars of support. Join us for this open and honest dialogue that effortlessly combines professional wisdom with personal reflections.

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