Labor of Love with Bridgett Jones

Bridgett Jones Cookeville Podcast Mill Creek Farm Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev

Join Kosta and his guest: Bridgett Jones, Co-Founder and Owner of Mill Creek Farm.

In this episode: How is Mill Creek Farm bringing a fresh take on agritourism and bringing our community back to the farms that started it all? You didn’t just create a destination for guests to visit cattle, you created an experience for guests to become part of the farm. Will you tell us about how you structure your tours and farm visits that make it a completely different experience from anything else in this area? Let’s talk about farming, specifically modern day farming. Even 50 years ago it wouldn’t be unique or uncommon for a neighbor or relative to have a small farm, now they’re nearly extinct. How has this changed the quality of food, agriculture and livestock we’re raising in the Upper Cumberland?

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