Staying the Course with Matt Billings

Matt Billings City of Cookeville Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev Cookeville Podcast

Join Kosta and his guest: Matt Billings, Economic Development and Grants Coordinator for the City of Cookeville.

In this episode: For Millennials and Gen Z there’s been a great effort to advocate on our behalf to participate in public service, run for office and take leadership, but the problem remains that so far not many Baby Boomers and Gen X are ready to let go of these responsibilities. As a Millennial serving our community, what’s your message to older generations on making room for our next generation of local leaders? What do you wish people knew about the importance of local elections? How does it impact your job and our city? If you could give one piece of advice to all the young people listening that are trying to find their way as leader in this community, or just where they belong as a citizen of this community – what would it be?

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