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Join Kosta and his guest: Rebecca Duncan, Director at Helping Hands of Putnam County. In this episode: One of the biggest misconceptions about poverty in our area is that welfare primarily goes to people who are not working. When in reality, the problem isn’t that people aren’t working, it’s that our employers aren’t paying enough. Will you tell […]

Helping Hands with Rebecca Duncan

Rebecca Duncan Helping Hands Cookeville TN Podcast Kosta Yepifantsev

March 11, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Melissa Ellis, professional performer, jazz musician The Southern Spitfire, owner and founder of The Autumn Agency, music coach and talent buyer. In this episode: What do you think should be the first major goal or objective of an up-and-coming artist? We can only eat the elephant one bite at a time, so what are the […]

Behind the Music with Melissa Ellis

Melissa Ellis Southern Spitfire Jazz Musician

February 26, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Lori Jackson-Strode, Counselor, Real Estate Agent, Cookeville Theatre Company Board Member, and ‘I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dream’ Co-Creator, Producer and Director.

My Ancestors’ Wildest Dreams with Lori Strode

February 19, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Michele Honeycutt, Election Commission Administrator for Putnam County Election Commission.

How Our Election Commission Works with Michele Honeycutt

Michele Honeycuff Cookeville Putnam County Election Commission Podcast Guest Better Together with Kosta Yepifantsev

February 7, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Bridgett Jones, Co-Founder and Owner of Mill Creek Farm.

Labor of Love with Bridgett Jones

January 22, 2024

Hey, y’all it’s Kosta! Today, I’m here with my guest: Kevin Maxwell, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Owner of 37 Cedar Restaurant and Bar.

Call to Order with Kevin Maxwell

January 15, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Jamie Lankford, Owner and Founder of Jamie’s Eats and Sweets. In this episode:  We know you as Jamie from Jamie’s Eats and Sweets. Although, just 3 short years ago, this was just a dream getting cooked up in your kitchen. How did you scale this business so quickly? Your Mom was a Pampered […]

How Sweet It Is with Jamie Lankford

January 8, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Wesley Adkins, Principal Auctioneer for Highland Elite Auction, Affiliate Broker and Real Estate Agent at Highlands Elite Real Estate and General Manager of Cookeville Panera Bread. Wesley is a Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Ambassador, member of the Cookeville Jaycees, regular volunteer for Upper Cumberland Habitat for Humanity and Heart of the Cumberland, and active member of the Putnam County […]

The Golden Rule with Wesley Adkins

January 1, 2024

Join Kosta and his guest: Todd Matthews, one of the leading voices in the crime community, a pioneer of the amateur sleuth community, an architect of that community’s online presence as well as the US government programs to identify missing and unidentified persons, and a sought-after speaker and consultant.

If You Went Missing with Todd Matthews

December 31, 2023

Join Kosta and his guest: Courtney McShan, Professional Organizer and Owner of The Courtney Collective, a hands-on approach to home organization that’s both functional and transformational.

Sort and Succeed: The Power of Organization with Courtney McShan

December 31, 2023